by Sean Blackthorn

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short works


released February 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Sean Blackthorn Toronto, Ontario

Bis Orat Qui Cantat.

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Track Name: Start (Withlov)
I know that no man deserves you.
I know you love from within.
I don't know how they all hurt you.
I don't know how they all played you.

I just want to lay by your side.
And tell you that it's alright.
And maybe we'll start on a new love:
One that's pure without sin.

Tell me you want me there.
All I want is you.
Track Name: Why
There's a couple reasons why
I've got things on my mind.
And I see it in your eyes
That you try
To understand what motivates a man
Such as me.
I just hope you realize
How much joy that you bring to my life.

There's a couple reasons why
I love like I do.
And 10 more reasons why
I'm insecure too.
To understand what motivates this man
I hope you have the patience to try.
Thus, I'll be here when you need me,
And even more when you think you don't.

There's one reason why
I love you like I do.
I feel it every time I see
Visions of my mother too.
I hope she's proud.
I hope she sends her tears and prayers
To you.
If she was around she would care for you.
Because she'd see the way u care
For me too.
Track Name: Salvation
I wanna give her what she deserves.
Often times I lose sight of my self worth.
How long have I been going wrong?
Too long.

I love her dearly and nobody else.
She said we need more than love to help ourselves.
Then I refuse to believe she's right,
out of spite.

I just wanna know,
if we wanna grow
is that all it takes?

'Cause all I've got to show
are empty promises
my heart has made.

I don't understand
how you hold this man
the way you do.

But maybe when I do
I'll find salvation too
with you...